Solar Binoculars


What are Solar Binoculars?

With the growing popularity of solar observing among amateur astronomers, some manufacturers now produce telescopes and/or binoculars already equipped with safe solar filters, sometimes built right into the optics. These solar binoculars are very nice for viewing the partial phases of a solar eclipse, but unless the filters are removable these devices are useless during totality and useless for observing celestial objects at night. Some solar telescopes show a normal “white light” view of the Sun’s photosphere, or visible surface, whereas others show only the red “hydrogen-alpha” light emitted by hotter gas in the chromosphere, a thin layer of the Sun’s atmosphere just above the photosphere. Solar Binoculars are perfect for observing of sunspots and solar eclipses, solar binoculars come with integrated white-light solar filters.

What are Sunoculars?

Sunoculars are solar binocular eye protective wear similar to binoculars, which have been personally tested on the Sun with a 100% quality and safety guarantee. The lenses reduce the light of the Sun to an ND-5 transmission, blocking all ultraviolet and infrared components. Plus, in most cases, they’re pocket-sized, include a case, strap, lens cap, cleaning cloth, and a one year warranty. While there won’t be another total solar eclipse until 2024, you can use your Sunoculars to safely view planetary transits, sunspot activity, magnetic storms, and other astronomical events.

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Selection of Sunoculars

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